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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Unlimited Movie Downloads |Downloading Guide

Unlimited Movie Downloads – Downloading Guide

Unlimited movie downloads has made viewing of movies much easier than the past. Gone were the days when we have to rely on video tapes and video recorders. Now with a VCD or DVD in hand and a portable VCD/DVD player or laptop, we can practically watch our favorite movies anywhere on the globe.

Benefits of unlimited movie download over traditional movie viewing in the theaters, movie rentals or movie VCD/DVD purchases are many. To quote a few obvious ones:

Speed of Movie Downloads

It is fast to download movies with the latest downloading software. There is no waiting queue, no ransacking of the display shelves to find your favorite movie and no need to buy any movie tickets. You can even download a movie to watch at 3am in the morning and no one will stop you. The movie downloads are unlimited and available to you 24/7 round the clock.

Cost Effective

Buying a VCD/DVD or even going to the movies can be quite expensive and easily set you back by tens of dollars. Buying a movie online is much cheaper and you own the movie. You can replay it anytime you wish, and never have to worry about paying a late-return penalty to the rental shop.

Portability of Movie Downloads

Viewing is easy. It can be done using a VCD/DVD player, or on your personal computer or laptop and other Windows MobileTM Portable Media Centers.

Legal Movie Downloads

Movie download services now have obtained permission from the movie creators, ie the studios to distribute the softcopies of the movies online through membership sites. You can be rest assured that there wouldn’t be any problems of copyright infringement when downloading movies online.

Criterion of Unlimited Movie Downloads Site Selection

There are a few things laid out here that you should be looking out for when hunting for a good unlimited movie downloads site.

1. Per Download Fee or One Time Fee Only

Many download sites now offer close to unlimited movie downloads for a one-time lifetime membership fee only.

2. Selection of Movie Downloads

Does the membership site offer a wide selection of movie downloads? There are several sites that specialize in specific niches – classic films, latest releases, science-fiction, educational or B-grade movies. Choose one that suits your interests.

3. Fast Movie Download Speeds

You do not want to wait too long for the movie file transfers. There are some download sites which are speed demons. You will find out about them in the next review post.

4. Simple Dummy-proof Member Interface

Some unlimited movie download sites score exceptionally well in this aspect. You do not want to waste time trying to figure out how to download the movies. They should allow quick browsing of titles, and a superior search and find function.

5. Format of Movie Downloads

The format of movie downloads must be compatible with most media players and can run on Real One Player, Windows Media Player whether your operating system is Windows or Mac.

6. Positive Customer Testimonials

Customers’ testimonials are worth a bag of gold when assessing the sites. If the movie downloads site is worth its salt, people would talk about it.

7. Round-the-Clock Responsive Technical Support

The technical support must be ready to respond to your feedback even during the weekends. This is crucial since that’s the time when we would be meddling with downloading the movies. A lot of download sites promise a 24/7 technical support but only a few walk the talk. Find out which are the ones in the next post.

Read more in the next post about the top unlimited movie downloads sites

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Unlimited Movie Downloads

Unlimited Movie Downloads

You have found the right place for unlimited movie downloads. Our quick tips will guide you to the best download sites where you can download movies without limits at anytime you want. Amass a huge personal collection of the latest movies like SAW 3, Mr & Mrs Smith or the classics. All the movies are of DVD-quality, and not some poor quality bootlegs you come across at several free download sites.

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