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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Unlimited Movie Downloads Review

Unlimited Movie Downloads – Review of Download Sites

Here’s our review on a number of membership sites that offer almost unlimited movie downloads based on the criterion discussed in the earlier post – the ease of use for the member interface, download speeds, range of movie selection, etc. Here’s our verdict on the top 3 sites that emerged winners in all aspects. All offer lifetime memberships.

The Movie Downloads – No.1 Pick for Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

Unlimited Movie Downloads

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You can access to over 80 million DVD quality movies and on top of that, millions of TV shows, music videos, music and games at this download site. Downloading of movies can be carried out safely without the risk of attack by harmful adware or spyware. The Movie Downloads also provide you with the software to burn each movie to CD or DVD.

Why We Like This Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

We love this download site for its huge and constantly updated library of movies. You can almost find any movie you are looking for here. The movie downloads are fast and safe. The whole process of searching for a movie title, downloading and burning the movie file is easy and guided. We give our thumbs up to the ease of use of the member interface. It is indeed dummy proof. Even if you are stuck, the instruction manuals are clear and would be able to provide you with the necessary solutions.

You can also get hold of their technical support which is one of the best around. Another plus point is the free unlimited music and console games they provide. This bonus alone is worth the price you pay for your membership.

Net Movie Downloads – No.2 Choice for Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

Unlimited Movie Downloads


This is one of the longest established download site online. It boasts of a large arsenal of 80 to 100 million movies, music videos, TV shows and music. You will also find CD and DVD covers can be downloaded as well. The downloading is secured and protected from adware and spyware.

Why We Like This Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

This site also offers unreleased music videos you don’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for some interesting amateur home videos, this is the site you should be at. Net Movie Downloads also score well in terms of the ease of use of member interface and downloading software. The software bundle packaged in the membership is generous. For such a low fee, you will get your hands on movie download software, DVD copy software, movie players and CD burning software.

They also have done well in providing excellent technical support. We absolutely like their professional approach towards our queries and request for assistances. Did we forget to mention the movies you get are full length and DVD quality movies and not some compressed and low quality versions? It sure deserves being listed second on our list.

Movie Downloads Pro – No.3 Choice for Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

Unlimited Movie Downloads


This downloads site offers a large selection of DVD quality movies, full episodes of TV shows and music videos. It offers comprehensive tutorials on how to get started in finding, downloading and playing the media files on your TV, PC, or home theater system. Downloading does not require any proprietary DVD burner. You can download and print out the relevant CD and DVD covers as well.

Why We Like This Unlimited Movie Downloads Site

We like the vast selection of movies. You can find almost any category of movie. We found the site to be quick in updating its library with the newest TV shows. It is also a speed demon when it comes to downloading speeds. Registration and account set up takes 2-3 minutes only and we love the responsive technical support they provide. This is one site you should consider if you want instant access to unlimited movie downloads.

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